Mint Flavoured Cannabis Strains

Many different terpenes are found in cannabis and each brings its own flavour. Some, such as limonene, are very common and can dominate. When it comes to the mint flavour, it is the terpene eucalyptol that is important. It will rarely exceed 0.06% in the plant, which makes the smell less intense; however, it has a distinct minty flavour that easily dominates.

There are a few cannabis strains that smell of mint, such as Cabbage Patch, Space Needle, Wonder Woman OG, and Green Monster. There are even more though that taste of mint, such as Thin Mint GSC, Gorilla Cookies, SinMint Cookies, Blueberry Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Ice, Seattle Cough and MediHaze. As you explore the strains on this page you will find sativas, indicas, and hybrids, so no matter what you prefer, you will be able to find mint flavoured/smelling strains.

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