Apricot Tasting Cannabis Strains

There are several cannabis strains with the aroma and/or taste of apricots, and very often they also come with a hint of peach. The flavour and smell is due to the terpenes the strains contain, in particular limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene. However, while they may contain similar terpenes, the apricot flavoured strains will have a wide range of potencies and effects.
One famous strain is Blue Apricot Sherbert. It is an extremely potent strain that is known for its light and pleasant tasting smoke. Another is Apricot Jelly, which has a sweet smell very similar to apricots, but it is not particularly potent. As you explore the strains on this page, you will quickly discover that no matter your preferred type of cannabis, you can find one that tastes of apricot. 

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