What is CBD e-liquid ?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the most important cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. Unlike its cousin, THC has no mind-altering effects, so it has become an interesting candidate for experimental research in many preclinical studies. Much testing examines the relationship between the consumption of CBD-rich compounds, such as oils, and the various bodily functions that can support well-being.


Vaporising, more commonly known as vaping, is one of the most effective ways in which to consume CBD is through the respiratory system. This is our lungs. Vaping currently remains the healthiest and most effective way to deliver CBD to the lungs. It is crucial to mention, however, that there are some heavy CBD oils that are created exclusively for ingestion, and are absolutely not suitable for vaping - such CBD oils include those that are in an olive oil base, for instance. Thus, CBD oils that have been formulated for oral use are NOT suitable for smoking or vaping.


Vaping was originally designed to enable increased effectiveness of treatment with traditional Chinese herbal remedies. The method went on to gain real fame, however, when it became the number one technology used for creating e-cigarettes. These have already been used successfully by thousands of people to help them quit smoking.


It can broadly be said that vaporisers generally use some element to heat the e-liquid that contains the cannabis compound of choice. Such elements can be made of a lot of materials, but each of them produces a significant amount of heat. The liquids are heated to a point where they can evaporate - without the formation of combustion products like paper, rubber or other nasties. The e-liquid is in an absorbent material with a pressure-activating element. It is also possible to store larger doses in larger refillable units, such as in specially designed pens and vials.


By 2017, vaping was fast becoming a phenomenon. Not only as a mode of medical use of CBD, but also for recreational purposes, with cannabis and its psychoactive extracts. Vaping is becoming more and more popular with the general public, while smoking is being tolerated in fewer and fewer places today. Those who prefer vaping with which they will not be able to tear it, they can also choose from liquids with an endless variety of flavours and pleasant flavours.




E-liquids most often consist of plant glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Using one of these as a base, they are further combined with various elements that add flavour to the experience or create some special effect. Terpenes and other essential oils can also be included for aromatherapy purposes or indeed nicotine for those trying to quit cigarette smoking.


Neither plant glycerin or propylene glycol are considered harmful and both are regularly used in the food industry as wetting or sweetening agents. Vegetable glycerin is usually added to alcohol to preserve tinctures and extracts. Propylene glycol is used as a carrier in injectables. Both are a clear, odourless and semi-viscous liquid that can be heated, evaporated and inhaled.



Vaping and CBD are excellent bed fellows. Together they form a compound that works most effectively when absorbed through the lungs, and with a technology that enables direct inhalation into the lungs in a benign and safe way.


When looking for CBD fluids, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.



The liquid should appear clear when exposed to light and should not be cloudy. Quality CBD vaporising liquids will have been carefully selected and be visibly evenly distributed within the product. If the oil separates and floats to the top, then it is a clear indicator of an inferior quality product, or one that has gone bad,, and can damage your vaper, as well as leading to unequal CBD distribution within the body.



Check that the CBD oil has been extracted without the use of harmful solvents.


Good quality CBD E-liquid is generally produced using a process where the beneficial terpenes remain intact and unchanged, ensuring that the sweet taste and benefits of cannabis remains within the solution. Equally, good e-liquids will contain an even amount of CBD, and such products will have some form of verification and/or certification that they have passed rigorous, third-party testing.



Ethics play an important role when considering buying a lot of products, and CBD e-liquids are no exception. It is vital to know the source of any substance that enters our body, and with a little internet search, it is possible to find out CBD oil you use comes from organic or other sustainable cannabis plantations. Another consideration is considering the all-important extraction method. Knowing these things play a key role in preventing exposure to insecticides, microorganisms, and other toxins that can be present in inferior quality products, especially ones that are to be inhaled into the lungs.



Good manufacturers recognise their moral duty to, at the very minimum, present the consumer with reliable, third party, laboratory test results demonstrating their products meet stringent quality requirements, as well as - ideally - ethical sourcing and distribution standards. If such test results are not available for an item, at the very least for health and quality assurance, then you as the consumer are better off continuing to search for products that do.


CBD has continued to be of great interest to medical professionals and patients alike. And, vaping continues to be shown to be the most effective way to deliver CBD at the present time. Using only the best quality product that is tailored to your needs, will ensure that your e-liquid of choice can offer the best and most beneficial possible experience.

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